Years ago, the Vis Arcana browser MMORPG game was created. It brought together thousands of players, creating relationships that have survived to this day. Unfortunately, the game itself did not stand the test of time and had to be closed. Just before turning the lights off, all players took part in a farewell battle, the size of which few games can match today. Leaving the battlefield, many hoped to return.

Since then, the topic of return has appeared every now and then. At some point we started working on version 2.0. It was an extremely ambitious plan, very much beyond the original title. Unfortunately, life happened and the available time for work slowly decreased to zero. At some point, it turned out that this project is too big for a hobby approach. A decision had to be made – we are suspending work until we have more resources available.

Fortunately, a new plan has appeared – first let’s do something simpler, then let’s take on epic works. That is why for some time a remake of the original game is in production, code-named Vis Arcana 1.5, targeting the mobile. The goal is to adapt the first version to today’s realities and technologies. Current status – we have a working piece of backend and test client on Android. Everything is moving forward and the visions for the future are quite optimistic. Unfortunately, there are also some unknowns. We don’t have any funds ready for graphics or infrastructure. This is a problem that needs to be solved somehow. Maybe we can find a sponsor? Maybe crowdfunding? At this point it’s difficult to say. We do not want to give any dates until we have everything exactly planned. We hope that the next update will bring more details and appear much faster. For now, greetings to everyone and we’re back to building the next level of the Mages Guild ?

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