Making expeditions great again

Vis Arcana has four types of expeditions the hero can go on – near, far, exploration and guide. The guide chooses randomly from other types, so in practice there are only three types. In addition, explorations have three levels of difficulty, but they do not affect the mechanics of the expedition itself – only the level of enemies encountered. The further the trip, the better the rewards, but more difficult obstacles to overcome.

Historically, with the increase in the hero’s strength, it made less sense to go on closer trips. At some point, the level of awards got so low that the only reasonable choice was exploration. As you can guess, this was not the best situation. Negligible elements of the game system are of no use – they just waste time. We must eliminate or improve them until they become a valuable part of the game at every level.

What can we change then? You can approach the problem in several ways:

  • Expeditions can return type-specific rewards, e.g. only near will have raw materials.
  • We can increase the differences in difficulty levels so that each type presents a smaller or bigger challenge.
  • Diversifying the mechanics themselves can also be an interesting option.

Of course, the level of difficulty would be possible to select everywhere if it wasn’t the only difference. Thanks to this, the expedition type can be reduced to two questions:

  • Which will give me something I currently need?
  • Which one suits my playing style more?

In the far future, we can also try more advanced expeditions, where you will have direct control over the hero. Randomly generated location maps for exploration? Why not!

What do you think about all this? As in the case of changes in the land system, share your opinion – every idea is taken into account. The more opinions, the more interesting expeditions will eventually be.

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