Expedition changes

After the last brainstorming about expeditions, we came up with some ideas. Before we get to them, we would like to thank everyone for comments and ideas (here, on Facebook and in private messages). Time for specifics.

  • Long expeditions and guide disappear – only short and explorations remain.
  • Alliance expeditions against bosses are also left.
  • Each type of expedition will have a non-zero cost in resources (specific values still to be worked out).
  • The expedition limit disappears. We will tell you the details in the future.
  • Explorations will get a fourth level of difficulty, and the rest will be reduced. Thanks to this, easy exploration will have the difficulty level of the previous long one, and the new level will be the equivalent of the difficult one.
  • Short trips will not require a fight – they will only be textual.
  • Crafting materials (which we plan to expand) can only be obtained on short trips. We’ll clean up explorations of rubbish ?
  • It will be possible to invite people from the alliance for an expedition.

The last idea is still taking shape, so there will probably be changes in the future. We plan to give the option of inviting up to two people from the alliance to explore. With each invited person the level of difficulty will increase, but the reward will increase too. Invitees will get maximum life and mana at the start, and will not lose bottles after the expedition. They will not have to accept anything – the whole process will be automatic. They will only get the expedition report. Rewards in the experience / AP will be divided according to the contribution, calculated on the basis of the damage dealt and the healing done. In the future, we will also describe a system that prevents inviting the same people all the time.

The changes are not revolutionary but they are quite big. As usual, we invite you to comment. Every opinion matters.

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