What is Vis Arcana?

If you’re not from Poland, chances are you’ve never heard of Vis Arcana. Let me show you what it’s all about.

In the mid 2000s, when browser games were all the rage, a group of friends decided to make their own fantasy rpg. The game was based on three pillars – hero pve, pvp and town management. The player could embark on quests, fight monsters, other players and gather ever powerful items.

Mid 2000s

On the other hand, one could also expand his/her town by gathering resources and building structures. In time, players gathered into alliances, forged whole kingdoms and waged wars over resource-rich lands.

Mid 2000s

Over its lifetime, Vis Arcana gathered together thousands of players and formed a tight community. Unfortunately, as years passed, browser games began to fade away. At some point, the game had to be shut down, but not before an epic battle involving literally everyone. After this grand event, only memory remained of all that has happened.

But now it’s time for a comeback. We’ll bring the game in a modernized form to everyone to enjoy once more.

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