The magic system was one of the most advanced of the original game. Proper selection of spells could completely change the course of a fight. Unfortunately, it was also very hard to understand and even more difficult to configure. That is why it is a good idea to describe how it works and how to solve the problem of a clear interface.

The basics

Spells are divided into preparatory and combat. Each class can use preparatory, but combat are reserved only for the Mage, Priest and Druid. The amount you can cast depends on the class.

The basic spell configuration is a spell set. Spells can be added to sets and cast only from the one currently selected. Each spell has the required intelligence level to cast and costs mana. After casting spells from the preparation set, you can cast combat spells in the battle itself. The target is automatically selected.

Each spell also has the level of power you want to cast – from 1 to 5. Higher levels require more intelligence and mana.

Basic interface

The basic interface for choosing spells is based on the principle of hiding all advanced configuration options and choosing the default values for them. Of course, you can always switch to the advanced version and have full control.

In the basic version there is no choice of different sets – there are only one for preparation and combat spells (for the respective classes). You can choose spells for each set with their overall level… and that’s it! There is no need to analyze tactics for hours and configure every detail. The choice of spells is quick and should not cause anyone problems. This option is targeted at players who want to get into action as soon as possible.

Advanced interface

The full version of the interface allows you to customize every aspect of magic. There is no longer one set per situation, only separate lists of preparation and combat sets. You can name each set and specify in which situations it should be used (attack, defense, expedition, etc.). You can also set the minimum number of targets for area spells and the percentage of health from which to cast healing spells (thanks to Michał Żukowski for the idea).

Each spell has an individual level (1-5 as before) and priority* (value from 1 to 3). Spells are cast in order from most important (1) to least important (3). Thanks to this, you can construct more advanced combinations, e.g. casting a spell that exceeds the requirements with a lower priority, immediately after casting a spell that increases mana with a larger one. Of course, this freedom comes at the expense of interface simplicity. There is no final version yet, but it may end up looking like the original version – a table with the configuration of each spell.


We hope that the division into two interface versions will work in practice. The whole magic system is very complicated for today’s reality, and is more suited to ‘paper’ games than mobile games. As usual – share your opinion. Any comment can change the game.

* priority may disappear – we are currently analyzing artificial intelligence for combat, which can choose the best spell in a given situation. Time will tell…

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