Alliances and roles

Player alliances are one of the most important aspects of Vis Arcana. Similar to guilds from other RPGs, they allow groups of friends to unite to achieve common goals. In addition to social values, they open up new opportunities for all members.

One of the main benefits of an alliance is the availability of kingdoms – the leader of the alliance can move to the kingdom if he meets the following requirements:

  • being on province
  • min. 50 level

Kingdoms give you the opportunity to build special buildings that give high bonuses to the entire alliance. Additionally, each alliance has access to resource and item warehouses that can be used by members with appropriate permissions.

Permissions are new to the original game and allow you to improve your alliance management. Each member can be assigned any combination of the following:

  • alliance details editing (including permissions)
  • taking items from the warehouse
  • taking resources from the warehouse
  • accepting new members
  • sending mass messages

Of course, the leader has all the permissions. Thanks to this, we also introduce the possibility of using the help of trusted players, as well as the possibility of spying and sabotaging an enemy alliance from the inside.

Alliances also give you the opportunity to go on special expeditions against extremely strong opponents, and to invite people to your own expeditions. We will provide more information in the future. It is possible that initiating an alliance expedition will also require additional permissions.

Naturally, battles between alliances for territories and better kingdoms also become possible. The help of allies is invaluable as you struggle to survive.

If you have more ideas about alliances and the roles that players can play in them, please share in the comment here or on FB.

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