Enchanting items

The previous two crafting and trading posts showed what a thriving economy can look like. In addition to creating and selling items, there is another matter of enchanting them. Let’s see how enchantment works.

Upgrading items

One way to enchant items is to upgrade them. Each item can have Power Crystals slots. The number of slots depends on the level of the item. You can (permanently!) Put a PC into each, which affects its attributes. The improved attribute depends on the PC color:

  • Blue – improves the basic attributes of the item (e.g. damage dealt)
  • Yellow – improves the power of the prefix
  • Red – improves the power of the suffix
  • Green – improves the power of the prefix and the attributes of the item
  • Purple – improves the strength of the suffix and the attributes of the item
  • Orange – improves the power of the prefix and suffix
  • Black – improves everything above

In addition to color, a PC also has a size that determines how big its impact is:

  • Heavenly
  • Holy
  • Ancient
  • Large
  • Plain
  • Small

The better the PC, the harder it is to find. Having 3 smaller PCs, you can combine them into a bigger one. Modified items are not available for trading.

Prefixes and suffixes

Another type of enchanting items is adding prefixes or suffixes (modifiers) if the item doesn’t already have one. To add a modifier of your choice, add the appropriate amount of essence to it. Essences are another type of crafting resource and are split identically to magic:

  • fire
  • water
  • air
  • earth
  • body
  • spirit

Each modifier is also assigned to a specific magic type, so essences can be matched in this regard.

An open question is the amount of essences required. We have currently selected an equation which combines item level and modifier level. The latter is not available to the public, so there is no need to provide an exact formula. In practice, this means that the better the item or modifier, the more essence you will need.

Economy in a nutshell

Given this and the previous posts, you can summarize the item economy in several points:

  • players acquire equipment and materials for crafting on expeditions
  • items deteriorate and need to be replaced
  • new equipment can be manufactured or bought and old equipment sold
  • everything is based on the free market

As you can see, the system is quite simple in its design, and at the same time allows you to play in many different ways. Let us know what you think about it all here or on the (Polish) FB group!

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