The Temple

The temple was, and still is, an important component of the game. In addition to removing curse from items, you could get a gift of items and healing. Unfortunately, with time, the introduced changes decreased its importance. Also, the mathematics behind the action left much to be desired. Time to get it all straight.

The curse

The main use of the temple is to remove curses from objects. The question is – what is a curse anyway? Common items have a certain chance of having a hidden curse. If you wear such an item, any attempt to remove it will be unsuccessful and will end up revealing the curse. If an item has an effect that is randomly selected from a range, such as weapon damage, the minimum value will always be drawn. Items with a revealed curse cannot be traded either.

For an appropriate fee, depending on the level of the item, the curse can be lifted. This is the only mechanic completely transferred from the previous version of the game.


In the temple, you can also pray to a chosen god when creating a character. The prayer effect depends on the piety of the character. If a character is liked by a particular god, the effect will be positive. If the character is not pious, there will be no effect. A hero who is the spiritual equivalent of a pain in his god’s ass can be punished.

Piety is a hidden parameter that can be increased by offering items. The better the item, the greater the growth. The higher your hero’s level, the better items you have to offer.

increase=5\%\cdot(item\ level)/(character\ level)

Piety decreases by 0.5% per hour to 0% over time. Any prayer also reduces piety – the smaller the delay in time from the last prayer, the greater the decrease (baseline decrease – 15%). 24h interval between prayers is enough for the decrease to be equal.

Positive effects

  • > 90%: + 10% weapon damage and magic effect for 1h
  • > 75%: + 5% to the main attributes of the class for 1h
  • > 60%: + 5% of resources mined for 1 hour
  • > 40%: health and mana regeneration

Negative effects

  • < -10%: reset health and mana
  • < -30%: -10% of resources gathered for 1 hour
  • < -50%: -20% weapon damage and magic effect for 1h
  • < -70%: destroy equipped items

How do we know the current level of piety? Each act of offering an object or prayer will be accompanied by a text describing the mood of the god. You have to draw conclusions yourself 😉


The new temple works similar to the old one, but the effects should make more sense. All values may still change – if you have an opinion on this, let us know in the comment here or in the (Polish) group on FB.

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