Quick attack

A direct attack on another player in the game was originally a fairly manual mechanism – you would select a potential target and then fight if it was within the appropriate level range for yours. We would like to introduce another type of attack that should be more convenient for everyone – quick attack.

First, a warning – this is just an idea for now and may not appear in the game (and if it does, we don’t know when).

Git gud!

A quick attack will not replace a manual attack – that one will still be available, but more on that in the next post. The goal is to give you the option to attack another player with just one click (tap). But how will the target of such an attack be chosen? Well, here comes Microsoft and their matchmaking algorithm – TrueSkill2. It cannot be used directly, but the idea fits perfectly.

The whole idea is to calculate how “good” a given player is at a given level in relation to other players. A player’s probable skill would be calculated primarily from historical skirmishes, both group and individual. Probable, because you never know how the player will cope in a given situation, especially at the beginning of the game. To find another player to attack, the game would look for one with a 50% chance of winning in a given situation. Thanks to this, there should be no situation where someone would attack people with whom he would win or lose in most cases. After each fight, the skills of all participants would be changed depending on the result. Ultimately – the more fights you go through, the more sure the game is about your actual skill level. Which in turn means that the better it would be to select enemies for a quick fight. This means that each fight would be more interesting.

Of course, you have to consider race, class and experience level combinations. Someone sensitive to magic will be worse with mages than warriors.


There is also a question of reputation. This is a value that comes back from the old VA version and shows how well someone is doing in the game (it is mainly required to build alliance buildings). It sounds quite similar to a new idea, so we can potentially combine both. How will this ultimately affect the gameplay? Hard to say. It is so much an unexplored area that it is difficult to even start to guess.

One of the problems with combining reputation with skill level is that reputation is a single quantity when the skill level is actually two – probable level and uncertainty. The more someone fights, the less uncertainty is that the level is inaccurate, but always non-zero.


What do you think about all this? Is it worth introducing more advanced matchmaking? Is it better to take the first one? Let me know here or on the (polish) FB group.

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