Manual attack target selection

We recently described the idea of quickly attacking other players with a similar skill level. Of course, the option to manually select a target cannot be missing.

First, we need to describe the exact effects of the attack, assuming no draw:

  • changes in statistics for both players
  • gain in experience
  • gaining a portion of defender’s resources, by the attacker (20%)
  • destroying a portion of defender’s resources (10%)

In the previous version, the target of the attack had to be in the appropriate level range to limit the farming of low-level characters. In this version, we want to approach this issue differently.

The main change is to remove restrictions on the target level – anyone will be able to attack anyone. Instead of putting artificial blocks on the game system, we want to properly motivate people to attack equals (or better). Experience and resources gained now depend on the ratio of the target’s level to the attacker’s level. The maximum value of this multiplier is 1. This brings two good effects:

  • attacking lower-level characters is not efficient
  • powerleveling becomes impossible

You can ask “what will prevent worse players from attacking, anyway”. The answer is simple – the new energy system. Farming low-level players will simply be a waste of time and energy. On the other hand, artificially exposing high-level heroes solely for leveling lower levels will be very limited. Of course, if this approach does not work, everything can be adjusted accordingly.

As always, let us know your thoughts here or on the Polish FB group.

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