Arena and its rewards

A combat arena is a common element in RPG games. It could not be missing in VA as well. Let’s see what fights in front of an audience look like.

The arena is a building available in the province – first you need to advance among the players and prove you deserve to build it. The fights themselves are based on a betting system – you bet gold on yourself and you have to win against a group of monsters to get rewards: 2x wagered gold and reputation. Amount of reputation earned:

min(1,\frac {gold\cdot0.001}{character\ level})

What is this reputation anyway? Read the Quick attack post to find out.

We can see that the arena can be a potentially endless source of gold and reputation. Of course you have to win all the fights for that to be true. In theory, it is possible. We all know that players can maximize their build for any situation. This means we must somehow prevent one building from destroying the economy. One way is to base the strength of the monsters on the amount of gold you wager. This is quite an obvious solution and probably even expected by the players, but not sufficient, unfortunately. Therefore, we are also introducing a 12h minimum interval between fights. At first glance, this looks quite long. Considering the arena’s capabilities, 12 hours seems to be a good compromise. Of course, we’ll adjust everything, if needed.

However, the time constraint may not be sufficient. Another idea, not yet confirmed, is to limit gold stakes. In this case, it can be done in two ways:

  • a hard limit
  • exponential increase in monster level, based on gold

The second idea seems to be more interesting, because it is not an artificial limit value, but a “smooth” approach to an impassable barrier.

But, what do you think? let us know below or in the (Polish) Facebook group.

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