Most MMORPGs can be improved by introducing unpredictable elements. One of the types of such elements are random events.

Events have been present in games for ages – including the famous SimCity disasters.

UFO attack – just a typical Tuesday.

In Vis Arcana, we also plan to add events. Some will be predictable, some will be random. Among the predictable, it is worth mentioning holidays at the beginning. Each player will be able to choose a god to worship. Some days of the year will be dedicated holidays for each of them. Each follower will then get a bonus to all attributes. *

* Players of the previous version may remember this type of event and some problems with it. Due to a stupidity in the code, the bonus to attributes influenced the cost of increasing them, which made holidays highly disliked. This time we will not make this mistake.

In addition to the holidays, astronomical events with different effects will be possible. They are still in preparation, so we cannot provide details yet.

Out of random events, the main ones will be all sorts of natural disasters (e.g. flood, drought, etc.). Their influence will be most felt in the production of raw materials, trade, or in the difficulties of expeditions. Unfortunately, not every event is positive and you have to adapt to different situations.

One of the ideas considered is the locality of events. Events like holidays will have a global effect on everyone, but some may be limited to specific kingdoms. This will introduce even more randomness, which will only make the game more interesting.

Let me know what you think about all of this. Feel free to comment here or in the (Polish) Facebook group.

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