Main map

Holidays are over and it’s time to go back to work! The main map view goes first, where players will be able to find each other’s cities.

The previous version of the game was quite poor in terms of map appearance. The entire map was a vertical list of 10 items, representing the players’ territories in the currently viewed slice. These days, this approach would rather turn people away than encourage them to play. That’s why we decided to create something new.

As the theme is a map with cities, we wanted to show it as an actual area with a symbolic representation of cities. There was a choice of making it as a “paper” 2D map or an authentic 3D terrain. We chose 3d for several reasons:

  • realistic terrain in 3D looks very nice
  • you can experiment with lighting
  • you can add various special effects as needed (e.g. cataclysms)

So we’ve made a prototype:

map view

The visible elements are (from the top, from the left):

  • buttons for switching between map and alliance views – see details below
  • coordinates of the current map section (kingdom / province) with a button to show any
  • button with information about the effects of a given kingdom
  • switch to city view
  • store
  • a view of the terrain that can be moved with the representation of other players’ cities (or an empty city space)

After selecting a city, a list of buttons with actions available for it at a given moment will appear.

You can get to the map by entering a building – the castle. The castle is also a place for managing an alliance, hence the buttons for navigating between the map and the alliance. Each building that can be entered has a similar navigation bar at the top.

An important feature was (and still is) the day and night cycle. A night in the game brings with it modifiers to various actions performed, e.g. better chances of a successful attack. Making a map in 3D with dynamic lighting allows to show the time of day without any artificial icons on the screen. Below you can see the time-lapse of the entire day and night cycle (1000x accelerated time):

day and night cycle

Of course, the work is ongoing and the final version may look completely different.

Let us know what you think about the new look of the map. Is it functional enough? Does it look satisfactory? Let us know here or in the (Polish) Facebook group.

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