Blacksmith – crafting in practice

Some time ago, we described a new concept of crafting. Now we would like to present what it looks like in the game.

The key building for crafting is the Blacksmith. Here you can create items from materials, create more advanced materials, upgrade Power Crystals, and enchant items. The interface prototype can be seen below:

Crafting items and materials

The number of recipes for items depends on the level of the Blacksmith – the higher, the better items become available. Each of them requires a certain amount of materials that can be obtained on expeditions and bought on the Marketplace. The items you create are immediately placed in the Storehouse, from where you can equip them, put them up for trade, offer, or whatever else comes to your mind.

Better items require more, or better quality, materials. Not all materials can be found – some you have to make yourself. This is what the material crafting tab is for. It is quite simple – better materials depend on worse ones, so you can create more and more advanced ones step by step. The Blacksmith allows you to conveniently enter the desired quantity, so you can produce large amounts of items very quickly, which is very important for traders in the Marketplace. After all, there must not be any business disruptions!

Upgrading Power Crystals

Power Crystals are upgrades that can be applied to items that have a slot for them. Depending on the type of Crystal, you get different bonuses:

  • blue – increases armor / damage
  • yellow – increase the strength of the prefix
  • red – increase the strength of the suffix
  • black – all of the above bonuses
  • orange – a combination of yellow and red
  • green – a combination of blue and yellow
  • purple – a combination of blue and red

Each of the crystals has its own size (or quality). Better items will only accept Crystals of the correct size, hence the need to upgrade them. As with materials, upgrading a Crystal requires you to combine several smaller sizes.

Enchanting items

One of the most useful functions of the Blacksmith is enchantment. Items without a prefix or suffix can be added with any of your choice, as long as you have enough Essences of the correct type. Essences are magical crafting materials that can be obtained in the same way as non-magical ones.

Enchanting is important because it allows you to customize your equipment to your needs. If you don’t want to deal with crafting, you can always search for such enchanted items in the Marketplace, where other players can sell them. In a word, enchanting is a good way to closely adjust your equipment to your playstyle, as well as to earn gold.


The Blacksmith is one of the most useful buildings in the game. It is useful for anyone who likes to engage with character optimization or just earn a lot of gold. Let us know what you think about it all here or in the (Polish) Facebook group.

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