This is the end


Thank you for following the progress of work on the revival of Vis Arcana with such interest. Unfortunately, we don’t have good news.

When we started the project in July 2019, we knew there was a lot of work ahead of us. But it didn’t put us off then. Rewriting the game from scratch, developing improvements to the system, switching to a new platform, new graphics, 3D graphics – these were the challenges that we took up, because the support of the old guard was something that motivated us. And we wanted to play again!
Not a day passed when the number of our tasks decreased. On the contrary – new ideas or challenges only added tasks to our backlog, and we tried hard to prioritize and complete them.

With the help of some of you, we were able to translate the game or write texts, as well as get feedback on ideas and changes.

But we hit the wall.

The project is too much.

Apart from VA, we both work full-time. Oh, that’s right – there are only two of us. Fatigue takes over. In addition, the involvement and feedback from potential publishers made us disillusioned. In the world of hyper-casual games, for productions such as Vis Arcana it is difficult to enter the wider market, and without this we simply will not survive. The budget we would have to spend on marketing and infrastructure is beyond our capabilities.

We thought about what to do with it for a long time. We struggled with the desire to do something cool, with reality. And that is why we have made a decision that is very difficult for us – we are stopping the work. Our physical and mental health began to suffer from burnout and the vision of hopelessness. We put the shovels down. And we are very sorry.

We would like to thank those actively involved in the project, in particular Darath, Amamneth, Kaendril, Patronite patrons: Bartosz, Sebastian, Wojciech, Kazimierz and Ɓukasz, all on Discord and Facebook. We wouldn’t have gone that long without you.

Patronite people – please send an e-mail from the address assigned to the Patronite account, to, with the account number. We will refund the entire amount we have received from you.

Thanks for your support
Maybe see you later!

Kamil and Lidia
Vis Arcana team

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